Its Complicated…

I prefer the company of people who are a little bit ‘kookums’ – I’m not talking boiling the rabbit because the love tryst didn’t work out type crazy. No, I mean the complicated type of person who is rough around the edges.  Maybe this person has some ‘issues’ (really though, who doesn’t?!). This individual sees the world differently than most. To me being a little bit ‘off’ adds flavor to life.

As I’ve grown older Ive come to realize that I’m drawn to people who dress differently, think differently and act differently. Perhaps this is a product of the way in which I grew up. With a few notable exceptions, mine was your average vanilla suburban upbringing. I grew up in the outskirts of Los Gatos, the epitome of Middle Class Suburbia. Freshly manicured lawns, 2.5 kids, nosey neighbors, all the usual suspects. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not complaining. I was lucky. I had a doting mother who saw to it that I never went without.


About ADrtrtrxgggf

Im deeply shallow. I fear living a life of quiet desperation
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