Back In The Day…

I’m very lucky.

I’ve been to many interesting places. I’ve seen and done things that many people will never be able to do. A sublime example: Moab, Utah. What a surreal and incredible (no it does not lack credibility) place to visit.

A mountain bikers paradise to be sure. Slick rock, Poison Spider Mesa, Porcupine Ridge (picture above) and the infamous Portal Trail. Really though, that last trail isn’t nearly as scary as some would have you believe. Those unlucky few who fell to their ultimate demise did so on a very minuscule portion of the trail. Yes it was narrow, yes it was ‘technical’ – But I think the magazines and locals over state the inherent danger of the trail.

Riding was my life. I ate, drank and slept mountain bikes. There was literally nothing I would rather have done than ride. Biking was like a drug; something that pumped endorphins through my veins like crack through an addict.

I’m thankful for the times I had in the saddle. Now if I could just grow back my cartilage…


About ADrtrtrxgggf

Im deeply shallow. I fear living a life of quiet desperation
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