I remember it like it was yesterday.

We were on our way to the store to buy something or other. Not sure what it was but I recall we were on our way to Oakridge mall. At some point on the way the car, well actually the driver,  swerved into the other lane. A seemingly small incursion into the opposing direction of traffic. Nothing to worry about right? Perhaps she was simply inattentive for a split second – We all have had our moments where we took our eyes off the road and it was no big deal, no consequence to endure.

We arrived at our destination. A large sprawling mall in San Jose. Typical stuff here; large expanses of asphalt parking surrounding a non-descript box. The quasi-public mall that is the bane of current progressive planning – but that is a whole other story. I can vaguely recall the expression on the gentleman’s face as he clearly feared being run over. Was he simply not seen? Deep down inside I knew that it wasn’t quite that simple. For once again the car had veered out of its proper domain.

I look back now. Its been some 30+ years and I realize the unpleasant truth of the situation; The driver of the car was drunk.

My mother was driving post imbibing, but I was to young to know what the ramifications of drinking alcohol entailed. But I would soon learn what happens when one drinks too much.

When I was 13 she passed away. She was “only” 44 years old.

It was like a weird dream. One day she said she needed to go the doctors because she wasnt feeling particularly well. Next thing I knew she was gone. The end didn’t come too quickly though. It took a few weeks for her liver to eventually fail. I can recall the doctors saying it was touch and go.

I hate that expression.


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