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I <3 my life… sometimes…

Sometimes I Luv my life. No, I’m not rich, brilliant, or crazy good looking. But I have many things to be happy about. Tonight was interesting.

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I have this friend who is consistently, and increasingly down. Quite literally, every time we speak he is more depressed than the last time. This really bothers me. I wish I could help. But how does one help someone else when they refuse to see anything positive in their life? He cannot, or will not admit to having one positive aspect to his life.

This is so emotionally draining! One the one hand I want to help, but on the other I just want to avoid all contact.

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You sir are an A##hole!!

The Paper Chase…

This movie holds a special meaning for me. I find the plot very intriguing. Here we have the story of a man from a modest background who makes it into a prestigious Law College. Surrounded by kids from affluence he is an anomaly. But he works his derriere off and is one of the top dogs.

I’ve always had the dream to enroll into a ‘prestigious’ school. I wonder what it would be like to attend an Ivy League-esque type college where the students are oh so serious, the curriculum oh so challenging and the environment oh so stimulating.

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I love this word. There is no English equivalent.

But I dont love its definition. Don’t engage in this activity…

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As a child I wanted to be a truck driver… Yeah! How exciting is that to a ten year old… Cruising the freeways in 20 tons of steel, chrome and rubber. It sounded so ‘cool’ to me at the time. Forget not having regular showers, never being home, back problems and the like. I was going to be like Claude Akins in Moving On damnit!

But alas, no son of my mother was going to be something so ‘pedestrian’ as a truck driver. I can recall meeting a relative of hers who was one and he highly discouraged me from pursuing this path.  Not sure when this dream died (perhaps that day?) but my next career choice was much more to my mothers liking: Architect.

So now I wanted to be like Mr. Brady (yes I watched to much TV) — Sans the six little brats of course. Once I made this choice I received all the encouragement in the world from Momskers. A nice drafting table, a plethora of books on the subject and trips to see cool architecture. FLW was my hero. Mies, Corbusier, Kahn and Gaudi had their place as well. I loved the Bauhuas. Its simple massing and geometrically intricate fenestration.

So I have been doing the architecture thing for 12+ years now. Its been an interesting time. The fate deity’s shined brightly upon me and I  managed to end up in an office that specializes in extraordinarily high-end custom residential. A dream office for anyone into architecture. The clientele are people of great means. Some have sublime taste, others not so much. But in the end they live in works of art.

But there are times when I must admit that I find it difficult to reconcile my awareness of the great (and ever growing) disparity between the wealthy and those of modest means when I design homes for, as Mr Riis would say, The Other Half. No this isn’t anti-capitalist class warfare of which I’m speaking. Just an observation. I’ve no animosity towards fiscally superior persons; many of the clients are genuinely nice and caring people. But sometimes I am amazed at how nonchalant people can be when discussing great sums of money.

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